Video Equipment Rentals


Kent Audio Visual remains the leader in audio visual equipment rental for the greater Wichita area.  Video equipment is constantly changing and we continue to expand our video inventory to keep you ahead of the curve.  Among the inventory you will have access to: screens, projectors, video monitors, flat panel monitors, cameras, dvd/blue ray devices, and more.

Below you will find commonly used equipment by Kent AV and our customers. 

Screens                                   Large Events: Da-Lite Truss Frame                  Small Events: Da-Lite Traveler

Kent AV has a wide variety of screens to choose from so you can find the right fit for your venue, and your audience.  In most cases we recommend an appropriate screen size based on the expected attendance for your event.  This makes you feel confident knowing your audience will see your presentation comfortably.  From the 5’ mini traveler screens for quick presentations or slideshows, to the 15’ x 20’ truss frame screen for large audiences where direct access is limited Kent AV has your solution for displaying your message.  


 Large Events Mediums EventsSmall Events 
EIKI LC-HDT 2000 15,000 Lumens Sharp XG-P610X 5000 Lumens EIKI WB200 3000 Lumens 



When you want a clear message or detailed image, you really want a good projector.  Kent AV has the capability of offering a wide variety of projectors at fair prices for any application and budget.  Our video experts often provide professional recommendations to ensure your event goes perfect.  Call us to schedule a pick up, a drop off, or a delivery and set up anytime.

Flat Panel Monitors

Sharp 70" LED TV
Sharp 50" LED TV Acer 24" Monitor

The key to a good flat panel application is size and resolution.  Your specific needs can be easily met with our flat panel monitor solutions from all shapes and sizes.  Whether it’s a large 70”  screen for overflow meetings, or a 24” confidence monitor helping you keep your audience engaged and you on track; Kent AV has you covered on both ends of the spectrum and anything in between.

Kent AV has quality, professional, and dependable monitors for the serious production manager. These are high-end, high-definition, production monitors ideal for monitoring camera and video feeds.


HD digital Camcorders

Panasonic HVX 200  Panasonic AG-AC90

Professional Cameras 

 Panasonic AG-HPX500 Sony HSC100R
 panasonic-500  hsc100r

Professional recording requires professional grade equipment.  Our high-definition cameras offer the best recording resolution available and are maintained regularly.  Our production experience ranges from all areas including: TV broadcasting, commercials, video memorandums, safety videos, wedding packages, and other miscellaneous experiences.  At Kent AV, our professional crew has real life experiences during the past 35 years; assuring our customers they are getting the best service possible.


 Miller DS-30 Tripod SystemManfrotto Lightweight Tripod


Video Switchers

High Definition – Folsom

Our video switching equipment can take any signal input and switch it into another format necessary for your unique demand.  We have video racks that can be delivered or operated at any venue in the greater Wichita area.  We have scalers, switchers, and controls for multi-resolution conversion and various display options making our video capabilities second to none. With the growing demand for HD video, we have the appropriate supply to meet and exceed your expectations.


Presidential – Telescript & Line-by-Line

Camera Mount – Telescript

Software – Telescript